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Silver Charm Bracelet

Simple silver coloured bracelet with 3 charms to start your collection. Silver tractor, enamel detailed cow and silver cow


Price: £6.99

Gold Bull Bracelet

Stretchy gold coloured bracelet with sparkly ball charm, and Bull charm



Price: £4.99


Link Charm Bracelet

Silver coloured Cow link bracelet, Black cow on alternate links. Adjustable by adding or removing links.



Price: £4.99

White Cow Cufflinks

Enamel White cow cufflinks, boxed gift







Linked Cows Bracelet

So unusual! Choice of 2 bracelets

7 cows in a row. Magnetic clasp

7" approx

Gift Boxed


Silver colour


Multi colour


Price: £9.99

Silver/Black Cow Brooch

Silver/Black Cow brooch with Gold bell

7cm approx

Boxed item                                    



Price: £5.99

3 x Cows Leather Bracelet

Plaited Black leather Bracelet with 3 sliding Cows in a row





Price: £5.99

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Realistic Cow Cufflinks

Realistic Cow Cufflinks. Boxed Gift. Matches Tie Pin on page 2

Price: £9.99.

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