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Black/White Cow Ornament

Unsual, ceramic cow ornament.

Quirky item!

Great Gift - boxed item


26x8x16cm approx


Price: £6.99

Grazing Cow Scene Doormat

Printed Doormat with grazing cows scene

75x45cm approx





Price: £11.99

Cow & Heart Keyring

Little cow holding a heart keychain



Blue                              Green


Pink                              Purple




Price: £2.99

Posh Cow pink Laptray

Posh cow (Guernsey?), gorgeous laptray with pink roses. Ideal gift


Cute Smiley Cow Fridge Magnet

Soft rubber magnet, cute cow pose. Choice of 2

4x5cm approx


Cute Cow magnet (lying down)



Cute Cow magnet (with milk bottle)





Price: £2.25

Fluffy Cow Shelf Sitter

Great little gift. Pottery & faux fur Cow shelf sitter. Approx 13cm



Duster & Dustpan & Brush

Cow print dustpan & brush set, and one duster with cow print handle (both sides shown)


Price: £4.99

Large Cow Shopping Bag

Look at this! Really striking shopping bag, with large cow image both sides. Sturdy handles

40x40x15cm approx


Price: £5.99

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Price: £3.99


Price: £6.99

shelf sitter key blue cow key green cow buynow buynow buynow heart purple heart pinkl buynow fridge magnet cow lying fridge magnet cow milk Bag large cow laptray laptray2 ornament dustpan&brush duster